About us

The company of Euro Security Labels and Packaging s.r.o. has been offering since its inception a thorough protection of products, goods and documents.

Our company produces very technically advanced products in this area and renders advice and full logistic services. Our company offers sophisticated technical solution meeting the most demanding requirements for safety, quality and precision of design.

Our products protect and mark items like tickets, foodstuffs, computers, cash registers, automobiles and locomotives.

Our company manufactures technically advanced products like the following:

  • security holograms
  • security self-adhesive stickers and seals
  • security seal tape (tamper evident sealing tape)
  • certificates of authenticity (COA) with security and holographic protection features
  • self-adhesive signets and seals– warranty, safety, protection and record-filing usage
  • self-adhesive stickers for safety sealing of cash registers, safes, electronic equipment, etc., which all conform to the following legislations:
       - Act No. 215/2005 Coll. (Czech Republic)
       - Act No. 59/1995 Coll. (Slovak Republic)  
  • security prints, stock certificates, trademark certificates
  • application of protective features and holograms for prints, documents, plastic cards and other various products according to the needs and requirements of our customers
  • identification bands with security protection features
  • cards, lottery tickets, admission tickets, vouchers, and checks with scratchable areas and variable alphanumerical codes or icons (for contests, games, promotional events, etc.)

Our company also produces the following:

  •   technical self-adhesive labels    
        - tailored according to the needs and wishes of the customers
        - highly resistant against severe loads and outdoor environments
        - featuring logistical and variable data with a cover layer
        - featuring integrated holographic protection for easy identification,
          as a part of TRADEMARK
        - featuring radio-frequency identification (RFID)
        - resistant against abrasion
        - designed for direct laser labeling
        - designed for industrial record-keeping  
  •   special identification labels
  •   luxury etiquettes
  •   3d-etiquettes with full plastic relief design of pewter label